8 Features Included in Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium, the paid version of Telegram, is live. The paid version is pitched as a way to help run the platform and develop it further. But away from that, what’s in it for you?

Here are the eight main features included in Telegram Premium…

1. No Ads

Telegram Premium is ad-free. That means you will no longer see sponsored messages that pop up in large, public, one-to-many channels at times.

Telegram’s ads have been limited to select countries though, so some users may not get them in the first place. But for those that do, the removal of ads can be a deciding factor in whether Telegram Premium is worth purchasing.

2. Doubled Limits

Telegram Premium’s main feature is the double limits on various existing features. The most notable is the step-up in file upload size limit to 4GB from 2GB. By doing so, you can now upload longer, high-quality videos on the platform or higher resolution images. Telegram Premium also doubles the number of channels and large groups you can join to 1000.

Other features with doubled limits on Premium include caption and bio length, pinned chats, public links, favorite stickers, saved GIFs, folders, and chats per folder.

The only exception is the number of connected accounts—Premium allows you to connect four accounts with different phone numbers, while the free version is limited to three. Adding multiple accounts is one of Telegram’s most useful features.

3. Faster Download Speeds

By paying for Telegram Premium, you also get download speeds that are as fast as your internet connection can handle. This goes hand-in-hand with the higher 4GB file upload size limit. That means you will be able to upload larger files and download them as fast as possible when you want.

4. Voice-to-Text Converter

Telegram has long supported voice messages, and the paid version takes it to the next level by adding a built-in Voice-to-Text conversion feature. It does what it says—converting your voice notes into text.

The main utility of this feature is when you’re in a noisy environment or public environment and don’t have earphones, or even when you’re watching a movie or listening to music and don’t want to pause to play the voice note audio.

5. Unique Stickers and Reactions

In the free version, Telegram has a plethora of stickers and reactions available. In addition to that, you’ll get to access even more exclusive ones with a Premium subscription.

Premium stickers are larger than the normal ones and have more effects. At launch, Telegram Premium has over 20 custom stickers and reactions. The company says it has plans to add more in the future.

6. Premium Badges and Icons

You will be able to tell whether a user pays for Telegram Premium by checking their profile. Your account will have a premium profile badge next to your name as a premium user. Additionally, for aesthetic’s sake, you can choose between four different icons as a premium user to display on your home page.

However, it’s good to note that premium icons are not necessarily helpful since you can, for instance, customize your iPhone home screen with iOS icon packs. The same is also true for Android by using different icons and themes.

7. Animated Profile Pictures

Telegram already lets you add videos to your profile picture. The paid version ensures that your videos are shown as an animation for everyone and throughout the app—including in the chat list and inside chats.

8. Better Chat Management Features

Telegram can get a little noisy if you follow many channels and are a part of several groups. With the free version, you can create chat folders on Telegram to help organize your chats.

But on top of that, the paid plan allows you to create more Telegram folders (up to 20), and you can set a default one that will show when you open the app.

The other premium chat management feature automatically archives chats from non-contacts.

Telegram Premium Makes The Platform Even Better

Telegram has always been ahead of the competition due to its strategy of jam-packing the app with more and more features. With each update, the platform adds minor improvements that, with time, make the platform better for its users.

Premium makes the instant messaging app even better by including what it says users have wanted for a long time.

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