How to restrict/turn off Facebook message function? 

If you want to speak publicly on Facebook, you should encounter some unrelated netizens running to leave a message, and even some strangers will deliberately attack or leave irrelevant advertising messages under the post. It is easy for Lu to encounter fake accounts, and harassment is more likely to occur.

If you want to avoid random comments on FB by other unfamiliar netizens, you can use this article ” How to Restrict/Close the Objects of Facebook Posts and Comments ” to turn off the public post comments function , or restrict only friends or friends of friends to respond to comments . This article will teach you how to operate FB mobile version and computer version.

Computer version of Facebook message is not public to set teaching

Step 1. Open FB Facebook on PC, click the ” upside-down triangle ” button in the upper right corner, and select ” Settings and Privacy “.

Step 2. Select ” Settings ” from Settings and Privacy .

Step 3. From the Facebook FB settings page, click ” Public Posts ” from the left menu.

Step 4. Find the ” Comments on Public Posts ” item on the right and click the ” Edit ” text link.

Step 5. You can change the message of your public post to ” friends ” or ” friends of friends ” according to what you want “It’s also possible, by setting this method, you can prevent strangers from leaving comments under public posts!

Mobile version of Facebook message is not open to set teaching

If you want to set public comment permission on FB for iPhone or Android mobile phone, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the mobile version of Facebook App, click “Menu” in the lower right corner, expand the “Settings and Privacy” function, and click “Settings”.

Step 2. On the setting page, click the ” Magnifying Glass ” button in the upper right corner, directly search for ” Public Posts “, and click the first ” Public Posts ” to set.

Step 3. Scroll down to find the “Comments on Public Posts” setting block, you can change to ” Friends of Friends ” or ” Friends ” permissions.

After using the above method, you can make your FB public posts restricted to strangers from leaving messages. Even if other people you don’t know see your posts, they will only have the sharing function. People stay casually.

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