How to close your Telegram account

Like WhatsApp , Telegram is an instant messaging mobile app that can be used on iOS or Android. Although it now has more than 500 million active users, it still lags far behind other email service providers on the Internet.

If Telegram hasn’t won you over as an alternative to WhatsApp or other apps, and you want to delete your account for good, there are several options available to you, whether you’re on Android or iOS. Please note that once your Telegram account is deleted, all your contacts, messages, documents, links and photos will be permanently erased and cannot be restored.

Permanently remove Telegram from a browser

To delete Telegram from a browser , there is a very simple solution.

1. Copy the following address into your browser: .

2. Type the phone number you use with Telegram in the “Your phone number” field.

3. Click Next .

4. Enter the confirmation code sent from the Telegram app.

5. Click Connect .

6. Finally, tap on “Delete my account”.

Delete Telegram from mobile app

If you want to delete your Telegram account from the mobile app, be aware that uninstalling the app is not enough. You will need to follow these steps:

1. Open the Telegram app from your mobile.

2. Tap “Settings”.

3. Select “Telegram FAQs”.

4. Once in the Telegram FAQ, look for the section called “Your Account” which is about in the middle of the FAQ.

5. In “How do I delete my account?” click on the text link “deactivation page”.

6. You will then be directed to the Telegram website, where you will be asked to enter your phone number.

7. You will then receive a confirmation code by SMS. You must therefore enter it in the new field that opens.

8. Select “Delete Account”.

9. On the next page, please confirm that you want to delete your account. Your account will then be permanently deleted.

As explained above, deleting a Telegram account is permanent . If you register again, you will appear as a new user and you will not recover your messages or your contacts, files or photos.

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