How to find out if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers an option to block annoying contacts on both iOS and Android. Well, it could be possible sometimes that someone has blocked you as well. But, WhatsApp doesn’t offer any feature that alerts you when someone blocks you. But, there are ways to find out if someone blocked you. While there are no sure-shot ways to find out who blocked you on WhatsApp, the following tips will help you to at least have an idea about it.

Tip 1: Check last seen / online status

If you were able to see someone’s online status or last seen previously but not anymore, it could be possible that the person has blocked you.

Tip 2: Check profile photo

If you are no longer able to see a contact’s profile photo suddenly, there’s a high chance that the person blocked you. Sure, it could be possible they must have removed the profile photo, but blocking is also highly possible.

Tip 3: Message delivery status

If you doubt that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, try sending them a message. If the message doesn’t get delivered, it could mean two things: 1) the contact blocked you or 2) the internet is turned off. But, if the message doesn’t get delivered at all, even after a day or two, there’s a high chance that the contact must have blocked you.

Tip 4: Call the contact

If you ever doubt that someone blocked you, try calling them. If they really blocked you, your call will not reach them. In other words, if the WhatsApp call doesn’t show a “ringing” status, it means the person must have blocked you.

Tip 5: Create a WhatsApp group

Again, if you think someone blocked you on WhatsApp, try creating a group. If you get a message stating “you are not authorized to add this contact”, it could possibly mean that the contact blocked you.

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