4 Ways to Show Contact Names on WhatsApp

How to display contact names on WhatsApp  is easy to do. You can follow this method so that the other user’s contact name appears on the screen when you are chatting.

The cause of the name not appearing is usually because the number is not already saved in contacts.


In addition, it could also be because you recently changed your account number so the contact list has not been completely updated, or a new application has been installed .

To fix this, here are ways you can do to display contact names on WhatsApp.

1. Make sure the number is saved

If the name of the sender of the message on your WhatsApp has not been read after contact access has been granted, it means that you have not saved the user’s number in your contact list.

For that, you need to save it first. There are two ways that can be done, namely saving from cellphone contacts and via WhatsApp.

2. Refresh WhatsApp contacts

WhatsApp provides a contact refresh feature that can be used if the WhatsApp contact list is experiencing problems.

(1)How to use the WA contact refresh feature as follows.

(2)Open the WhatsApp application on the phone

(3)Click the “New Chat” icon at the bottom right of the screen

(4)At the top right of the window, click the three-dot icon

(5)Select the “Refresh” or “Update” option to refresh the contact list.

3. Allow WhatsApp to access cellphone contacts

The next way to display contact names on WhatsApp is to make sure the WhatsApp application has permission to access cellphone contacts. Here’s how.

(1)Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone

(2)Click the ‘Applications’ section

(3)Select the WhatsApp application

(4)Select the ‘Permissions’ section

(5)Enable permissions for contact access under ‘Contacts’

(6)WhatsApp will start reading the name of the sender of the message in your app according to the contact list.

4. Resync WhatsApp contacts

WhatsApp contact names that don’t appear can also be caused by problems with synchronization.For that, you can try to re-sync WhatsApp with your cellphone contacts. Here’s how.

(1)Open the “Settings” menu on the phone

(2)Select the “Users and Accounts” or “Users and Accounts” option

(3)Then select the WhatsApp application

(4)Then activate the check mark to sync WhatsApp with your cellphone contacts.

That’s how to display contact names on WhatsApp.

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