5 very useful Zalo messaging tips on computers

Zalo is one of the most widely used multi-platform messaging and calling applications in Vietnam today. Some Zalo messaging tips on the computer are extremely useful, but not everyone knows.


Categorize conversations on Zalo

When using Zalo for both personal and business purposes, you may fall into the case of being confused because of too many messages. Therefore, Zalo’s chat classification feature will help users easily identify and classify.

If you want to use this feature, select the conversation you want to categorize > Click the 3 dots > Select Categorize.

Pin chats

To make it easier to quickly find the conversation that users message most often, you can pin it to the top of the page for easy viewing and manipulation. To use this feature, click on the 3 dots > Select Pin conversation.

Give your friends reminiscent names on Zalo

With Zalo, users can give their friends nicknames to easily recognize them in countless friends. To set a nickname, click the pencil icon next to the name you want to nickname, give it a name and press the Confirm button and you’re done.

Turn off chat notifications

When Zalo has too many unimportant messages that make you feel troublesome, users can use the feature to turn off chat notifications. In it, there are many options for users such as turning off notifications for 1 hour, 4 hours, until reopened, etc.

Take a screenshot and send it quickly with Zalo

Zalo has a built-in screen capture function, then send it to friends with very simple operation. Accordingly, on the chat frame, click on the broken rectangle icon to take a screenshot (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + S).

If you want more options, click the drop-down arrow icon next to the broken rectangle, select: Capture with Zalo window or Capture without Zalo window.

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