How to Enable Two-Step Verification on the Telegram App

Facebook’s decision to erode WhatsApp messenger privacy has turned into a massive boon for Telegram. Although Telegram doesn’t use end-to-end encryption by default like Signal, it does support up to 200,000 users per group, making it a hybrid social media platform and messenger. To make that experience extra secure, make sure to turn on Telegram’s two-step verification.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on the Telegram App

An Extra Step of Security

Although slightly more inconvenient, as you have to enter extra verification, two-step verification ensures that your accounts across social media platforms are safe from tampering. However, this, too, can be automated with a biometric hardware security key that wouldn’t cost you much.

While you ponder these options, here is how you turn on Telegram’s two-step verification.

1. Begin by tapping on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner, representing Telegram’s Settings. You will see a “Settings” gear icon almost at the bottom. Tap on it.

2. Tap on the “Settings” gear icon, followed by the “Privacy and Security” section. Then, tap on “Two-Step Verification” to switch it from “Off” to “On.”

3. A new prompt will appear asking you to “Set Password.” After you have entered it, you will be asked to repeat it again. If you already have a password manager installed, you can use it to generate a strong password for you and store it in its encrypted vault.

Optionally, you will be asked to set a hint for the password and email recovery address. It is up to you if you want to skip these two steps.

However, you can always come back on the “Two-Step Verification” screen to change the password or set an email recovery address. If you forget the password or don’t use a password manager, setting up your email recovery is recommended as a fallback option.

If you are comfortable with Telegram having your email address, after you have entered it correctly, you will receive a “Verification code” to your email address. Enter it or copy-paste it from your email app into Telegram’s text box.

Likewise, if you are too bothered to type a password every time you access Telegram’s privacy features, you can simply go back to the “Two-Step Verification” section and tap on “Turn Password Off.” Of course, you will then be asked to enter the password to disable it.

This concludes all you need to know about Telegram’s 2 steps verification enabling or disabling process.

Extra Steps for Extra Security

If you are looking to make your Internet presence safer, you should take the extra effort to enable Telegram’s two-step verification. You should also keep your phone locked with dedicated app locks. After all, everything in our lives has now become tethered to smartphones – from sensitive data on cloud storage to Internet banking.

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