How to recover a WhatsApp

In case of loss or theft, it is very important to know how to recover WhatsApp . In addition to resuming conversations with your key contacts, quick recovery helps prevent someone else from using your profile to carry out scams.

There are also cases where the application is accidentally deleted or needs to be reinstalled due to errors and bugs. In all situations, resources exist to regain access to your account and message log. Check out some possible solutions.

How to recover a WhatsApp

How to recover WhatsApp on the same phone

If you have lost access to your WhatsApp account on your current mobile phone, the process to recover it is the same as installing the application . Enter your phone number and wait for a six-digit code to be sent via SMS. Enter this code and then grant access to your messages and media files.

The SMS confirmation code is the most important data to recover your account. It is essential that, after receiving the message, you do not share these numbers with anyone else. When someone enters the code, WhatsApp is automatically disconnected from any other cell phone. Therefore, many scams occur when this number combination is improperly shared and they remove your access to the account.

I didn’t receive my code

In some situations, the SMS can take a while to arrive, but don’t despair: some quick fixes can solve the problem. First, check that the number entered is correct, including the area code.

The submission process can take up to 10 minutes, so it’s also important to keep track of that time to receive the information. After the period, it is possible to request a call. Either way, don’t try to guess the code: this process could result in a temporary account lockout.

After all these attempts, it is worth looking for updates on WhatsApp and confirming that your phone is receiving calls and text messages. Finally, restart the device and try again.

How to recover WhatsApp on another phone

Before setting up WhatsApp, it is very important to lock your old SIM card in case it is lost or stolen. Without access to the SIM, it is not possible to receive WhatsApp verification codes.

In this case, it is possible to request a SIM card with the same number and repeat the WhatsApp configuration process on the new device. After recovering the account, there is an option to recover messages backed up to Google Drive or iCloud.

Even in case of theft or robbery, it is worth opening WhatsApp on your cell phone and disconnecting from other devices . This prevents other people from trying to use your account via WhatsApp Web, for example.

I can’t recover my mobile number

In this case, the alternative is to ask them to deactivate your WhatsApp account. This procedure is done by email and, within 30 days, it is possible for other people to see the messages with your account or even reactivate it.

Why did I receive a WhatsApp verification code without asking?

Every time someone tries to log into WhatsApp with your mobile number, the app sends a notification to your device. Therefore, when you receive the confirmation code without asking, it is likely that someone has accidentally entered the number or tried to steal your account. In either case, it is very important that you do not share this information with others.

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