How to recover deleted Telegram conversations and messages

Knowing how to recover deleted Telegram conversations and messages can be very important, especially if you have deleted some important snippet or file from the messenger.

How to recover deleted Telegram conversations and messages

Is there a way to backup on Telegram?

Unlike WhatsApp , all Telegram messages , as well as documents and files, are already stored in the cloud, through the platform’s own servers. Therefore, Telegram does not require users to make constant backups, just like in Meta messenger.

For this reason, recovering deleted messages will not go this way, as is done in WhatsApp , but by others.

1. Access the internal Telegram folder on the system

If you have an internal system file and folder manager app, you can search for Telegram Audio, Telegram Documents, Telegram Images and/or Telegram Video folders. Even if they were deleted by someone or yourself, there is a chance that these files are still saved in the internal memory.

1. Open the Google Files app and tap on “Internal Storage”;

2. Enter the “Telegram” folder and see if the file you want to find is in any of the folders there.

2. Enter Android cache folder

Another method to find saved Telegram files is in the Android cache folder, which can be accessed via the same File Manager.

1. Open the manager and tap on “Internal Storage”;

2. Tap “Android” and enter “Data”;

3. Locate the “org.telegram.messenger” folder, which will likely be at the end of the list;

4. In the “cache” or “files” folder, see if you can find what you are looking for — in them, you can find text files, images and videos.

3. Use the Notification History app

Through the Notification History app, you can see the notification of the deleted message, because it will be saved on the platform. It’s a way to view the message that has been deleted, without necessarily having to resort to internal files and logs.

1. Open Notification History ( Android ) and proceed through the initial configuration screens;

2. Enable permission for the app to access your notifications;

3. Once that’s done, open the app and see the latest notifications from your phone. Tap on the Telegram conversation tab whose message has been deleted;

4. Finally, you will be able to view the message content that was contained in the notification.

4. Undo the action

Telegram even has a feature that allows you to regret having temporarily deleted a message. When you click “Delete a conversation”, you have five seconds to regret it and click “Undo” to restore the conversation. Otherwise, the conversation will be lost forever.

Ready! From now on, you already have several possibilities at hand to recover deleted Telegram conversations and messages.

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