How to Delete a Practical iPhone Telegram Account, It Doesn’t Take Long

How to delete an iPhone Telegram account can be done by users with easy steps.

Each user has their own reasons for deleting their Telegram account. Users can do this in just a few clicks.

How to Delete a Practical iPhone Telegram Account, It Doesn't Take Long

How to Delete iPhone Telegram Account Easily

As we know, Telegram is one of the service provider applications in the form of short messages that puts security and privacy features forward enough.

This application also comes with supporting features that are quite complete and interesting. However, there are some users who suddenly want to delete the Telegram account they are using for some reason.

There are many reasons why users delete their iPhone Telegram account, either permanently or temporarily. Starting from the infrequent use of the Telegram application and wanting to switch to another messaging application.

You can also want to change a new number or will register a new number, to avoid notifications and online fraud.

Manually Delete iPhone Telegram Account

When you want to delete a Telegram account on an iPhone, users can do it manually. The easy steps they can take include:

1. The first step is to open the delete account option on the official telegram website.

2. After that, enter the phone number that is already connected to the Instagram account.

3. Next, make sure that the number to be entered is in the correct format, especially for Indonesian numbers that must include the code +62, then continue with the telephone number.

4. The user will receive an SMS containing a verification code.

5. The next step is to enter the verification code in the available section of the page.

6. Then click delete my Telegram account contained on the iPhone device

Delete Telegram Account on iPhone Automatically

How to automatically delete a Telegram account on an iPhone is almost the same as deleting an IG account on Android. The difference lies in the menu.

Here is a complete tutorial to delete Telegram account automatically on your iOS device, including:

1. First open Telegram on the iPhone device.

2. Then find the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon located in the lower right corner.

3. Then click Privacy and Security.

4. Then click Automatically Delete My Account.

5. After that click It Away For.

6. Next you can select the length of time Telegram is deactivated. In this case you can choose 1,3,6, and 12 months

Delete Telegram Permanently

In addition to how to manually and automatically delete an iPhone Telegram account above, you can also do this permanently. For a choice of this method, you can follow the following tutorial:

1. The first step, please unlock the iPhone screen that you are using.

2. After that look for the browser on the device. In this case you can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or other browsers.

3. Next visit Telegram or by typing the url

4. If the link is already open, then you can enter or input t directly the phone number and also the country code.

5. How to delete a Telegram account on the next iPhone, please press the next button. Wait a few moments until there is an incoming message notification in the form of an authentication code.

6. If you have received an SMS authentication code, you can directly enter the code in the column provided.

7. When the authentication code is successfully entered into the column, then please press the sign in button so that you can enter the deleted telegram account.

8. After that, several menu commands will appear according to their respective functions.

9. To be able to permanently delete a Telegram account on an iPhone device, please press the deactivate account menu.

10. Next you will get a notification and reconfirmation on the deletion of the Telegram account that you have done.

11. Don’t forget to include the reason why you deleted the Telegram account.

12. Then please press the down button.

13. To complete the deletion process from your Telegram account, press the yes delete my account button.

How to delete an iPhone Telegram account as above can make it easier for you to deactivate or delete an account permanently.

Users can choose the timeframe they want. However, before deleting a Telegram account, pay attention to the important data in it. 

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