How to login multiple Zalo nicks on one computer?

Surely there are many people who have to regularly use multiple Zalo accounts at the same time to work and keep in touch with others. However, this feature is not yet supported, you will be quite inconvenient when you have to log in and then log out of each account in turn. So below, I will guide you how to successfully log in to multiple Zalo nicks on the same computer.

How to login multiple Zalo nicks on one computer?

How to log in to multiple Zalo accounts on a computer by editing users on the computer?

Method 1: Use the computer

Step 1: create more user accounts.

Right-click the Windows window > select Computer Management.

Navigate to the local users and groups section > select user > right-click on the space and select New user.

Next, enter the user name (any name), uncheck user must change password > check the password never expire then enter an easy to remember password (including 8 characters or more) > then click Create.

Step 2: copy the zalo folder.

You go to the desktop, right-click on the Zalo icon > select Properties > select open file location > select Programs > and copy the original Zalo folder.

Next you paste that zalo folder to any place in the C or D drive and then rename the zalo folder to be something easy to remember.

Step 3: add the command, change the zalo.

In the renamed Zalo folder, right-click on the Zalo icon and click send to > Desktop.

Then go to the Desktop screen > click on the zalo icon > select Properties > in the Target box copy the command line: C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /savecred /user:your computer name\user

For example: (C:\windows\System32\runas.exe \savecred \user:MrQuan\User2 in that box) you just created above the space C:\Zalo\Zalo.exe) When finished, click Apply.

Now click on zalo and then enter the user password you just created and press Enter (note: in some cases when entering the password, it will not be displayed, just type normally and then press Enter).

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