How to quickly reply to Telegram messages?

How to reply to messages on Telegram faster. Among all the functions you can perform on the Telegram Messaging platform, it is possible to quickly reply to messages sent to us. It’s worth remembering that this feature already exists in WhatsApp, its main competitor. With shortcuts, you can reference a message in a reply with a simple gesture. This feature is ideal for large groups and will help you ensure that your answers are not out of context.

We show you step-by-step how to quickly reply to a message on Telegram . The process is performed on an iPhone (iOS), but these tips also work for Android users. The only prerequisite is to have the latest version of the app installed on your phone . shall we start now?

How to quickly reply to Telegram messages?

How to quickly reply to Telegram messages?

Method 1:On the Telegram

1. In a conversation, find the message you want to reply to .
2. Tap it and swipe left until the reply button appears . The shortcut works for group chats and individual chats.
3. Now write your answer and click the blue button to send .
4. If you want to cancel the reply, just click the one with « X «.

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