How to Use Two LINE Accounts on iPhone and Android Phone?

As LINE grows in popularity, it is not uncommon to find some people needing more than one account on the same device. Perhaps you want to have a personal account for your friends and family and a business account to use for your business purpose. So you can imagine that the biggest question we get from users is “Is it possible to use two different LINE accounts on the same device?”

The simple answer is yes, there are ways you can easily have two LINE accounts on the same device. But if you have tried, you already know that it is not possible to sign in to two LINE accounts on the same device. In this article, we take a look at how you can have and use two LINE accounts on the same device.

How to Use Two LINE Accounts on iPhone and Android Phone?

Method 1:Have 2 LINE Accounts on Android Phone – Using Clone App

Step 1: Get parallel space on the device to start. To get Parallel Space, you need the following:

An Android version 4.0.3 or more

A space of a minimum of 1GB RAM on the phone

Must have a minimum of 15MB storage available

Step 2: After successfully installing, launch a parallel space on the device, and in the chief interface, opt for the LINE app on which you wish to run the two accounts and select Add to Parallel Space as in the reference image to commence.

Step 3: The application will then be cloned, and you will gain access to its cloned version. After this, tap on the LINE app cloned version and sign in with the other account to commence the use of two accounts on a single device.

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