Can’t translate in Zalo chat?Zalo translator helps you solve problems easily

Can't translate in Zalo chat?Zalo translator helps you solve problems easily

Now more and more Internet practitioners going overseas are using Zalo for overseas marketing. But everyone should know that Zalo does not have its own translation software. When encountering some foreign customers, we can only translate with the help of translation software. However, the use of translation software requires constant switching. If there are many customer inquiries, the efficiency will be very slow. How to solve this trouble? It is recommended that you use the Zalo translator of the 007SCRM.

What is the purpose of the Zalo translator?

Zalo Translator, as a chat real-time translator, enables real-time chat translation. Using the AI ​​artificial intelligence translation engine, it can realize intelligent translation into the designated national language while inputting text, and supports real-time chat translation in languages ​​of more than 200 countries around the world. Even if you do not understand foreign languages, you can easily conduct in-depth business exchanges with international friends.

What are the advantages of the Zalo translator of the 007SCRM?

007SCRM can help users solve language barriers by mounting the automatic translation function. After the user has installed an account on the 007SCRM, the automatic translation function of sending and receiving messages can be realized. The system supports translation of most languages ​​and texts in the world. If the user is dissatisfied with the translation effect, he can also modify the translation line and replace it with another one. Translate the line that you are more satisfied with.

007SCRM, control defferent instant messenger accounts in a web, auto-translate, record friends adding quntity…WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Zalo, etc, by HiSeven

007SCRM has the following functions

Translation : Auto translate every messages you send or receive into any language.

Friends Quantity Counter : Auto count the adding friends quantity for realizing effact of marketing compaign.

007SARM Auto Reply : Reply preset words automatically, quick reply by 1 click, keywords reply…

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