Zalo Translator Plugin Chat for freedom of translation

Zalo is one of the most widely used multi-platform messaging and calling apps in Vietnam today and is loved by the masses. Many friends who are engaged in overseas marketing and promotion want to use this platform for drainage and promotion. However, because the language is different, it takes a lot of time to communicate just by translating the meaning of the customer. Want to use Zalo translation plugin, but don’t know which one is better.

Zalo Translator Plugin Chat for freedom of translation

You must be interested in the following content. Xiaobian recommends the Zalo translation plug-in function of the 007SCRM. It can easily solve the problem of chat translation and improve the overall communication efficiency.

Why recommend the Zalo translation plugin for the 007SCRM?

007SCRM is a cross-border private domain traffic operation management tool that aggregates WS, LINE, TG, Zalo, Messenger and other overseas social platforms.

Realize the management of social accounts on multiple overseas platforms, meet the needs of overseas enterprises for cross-platform and multi-account operation management, provide accurate data statistics of overseas drainage, two-way real-time translation and support for global languages, data work order reports, efficient management of customer service conversations, etc. Function

How to use the Zalo translation plugin of 007007SCRM?

After the user has installed an account on the 007SCRM, the automatic translation function of sending and receiving messages can be realized. The system supports translation of most languages ​​and texts in the world. If the user is dissatisfied with the translation effect, he can also modify the translation line and replace it with another one. Translate the line that you are more satisfied with.

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