WhatsApp Marketing Blaster

Money is like blood for your business and Marketing is like the heart of your business. For your business to survive, it needs monthly affordable marketing, and the stronger it is, the healthier your business will be.

WhatsApp Marketing Blaster

Without marketing, your business could have failed, industry-transforming products and services that satisfy your customers’ needs, but never have the chance to reach your target audience. As a result, your company’s sales may not achieve your targets and you’re likely to find it more challenging to develop your business.

Good marketing helps you to put your products and services at the front of every customer’s mind. Marketing helps you establish your brand and makes you the first option to turn to when in need of a specific product. We know how important it is to have a well-planned marketing strategy for your business. But good marketing requires good money to maintain sustainability, and that is what most companies are struggling with.

A decade ago, when people talked about marketing, the first thought that came to their mind was flyers, and the second thought for a better approach was radio or a television commercial. Just so you know that a radio board cast and a video commercial Ad weren’t cheap at that time, even though for today. (Beside flyers) So what would be the best and most affordable option to go for in this modern digital age?

WhatsApp Marketing: The new way to reach your customers!

As of 2022, WhatsApp is the most popular global mobile messenger app worldwide with approximately two billion monthly active users, outranking Facebook Messenger at 1.3 billion and WeChat at 1.2 billion users.

Over 55% of people feel more connected to a brand if they use messaging apps. It makes WhatsApp marketing a bulletproof strategy for building long, profound relationships with customers. Maintaining such a connection, in turn, helps brands cut expenditures as customer retention is 5-25 times cheaper than acquisition.

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