Everything You Need to Know About Whatsapp Marketing URL Links

As a business, you are probably making use of WhatsApp for marketing, sales and customer support functions already with the help of a WhatsApp Business API solution. You’re probably also using click-to-WhatsApp ads, a website opt-in feature and other strategies to get your target audience to start a conversation with you on the messaging platform.

We can now also see businesses extensively sharing their WhatsApp numbers on social media as well as through QR codes in their packaging, in-store posters and other point of contact with their consumers – all so that they can get them to converse on the popular messaging platform. 

But what if we said there’s a much simpler way for you to share your WhatsApp Business number with consumers instead of having them scan or type out all the digits? 

Yes, we’re talking about using the smart feature called WhatsApp URL links. 

Everything You Need to Know About Whatsapp Marketing URL Links

What are WhatsApp URL links? 

WhatsApp URL links are similar to website links; but on clicking lead a person to the WhatsApp account of the one who has shared the link. They are a feature introduced by WhatsApp to make it easier for individuals and businesses to share their contact information and start conversations with consumers. 

How do WhatsApp URL links work? 

When you share a WhatsApp URL link with someone, here are the two things that happen:

1. If the person has WhatsApp installed, the link opens a chat window with the person sharing the link immediately to start chatting.

2. If the person does not have WhatsApp installed, the link takes them to the App Store to ask them to install the messaging app and create an account.

3. If the person clicks on the link on the web, it opens the chat on WhatsApp on the web browser they are making use of; for which again, the person should have the messaging platform linked and connected.

The WhatsApp link for every account on the messaging platform is unique and hence carries the information of the same to the person it has been shared with. This includes their account name, account number and account type. 

Why should you use WhatsApp URL links?

Now that you know how WhatsApp URL links work, you may wonder if you can simply sell out and share your number, why use a link for the same purpose. Well, here’s taking a look at some of the benefits of using WhatsApp links:

1. Makes it simpler to share WhatsApp numbers at scale without having to spell them out manually repeatedly.

2. Reduces the chances of error while noting the WhatsApp number down, ensuring the right information is passed

3. Encourages initiating a conversation immediately by opening a WhatsApp chat; removing the need to wait for the new contact to drop a message – longer the wait, higher the chances of the consumer forgetting to message you 

4. Helps businesses leverage features such as greeting messages, welcome automations and more to engage their audiences almost immediately on the messaging platform 

5. Helps integrate marketing efforts across social media, emails, SMS and other channels to initiate more conversations on WhatsApp 

How to generate WhatsApp URL link?

You can generate a WhatsApp URL link pretty simply by using the following framework recommended by WhatsApp:


In the above framework, the phone number needs to be entered in the international format only. You should omit any zeroes, brackets or dashes when adding the phone number; the pre-filled message automatically appears in the text field of the chat. 

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