How to shorten WhatsApp URL?

I’ve been getting a number of request from WhatsApp users asking “how do I shorten my WhatsApp link?”

How to shorten WhatsApp URL?

I sure know how it looks like, having your phone number clearly spelt out (on URL/link).Now here’s the drift.

1. Copy your WhatsApp link; could be one you created or generated via this page.

2. Visit

3. Paste your WhatsApp link on the dialogue box (Paste a link to shorten it).

4.Click “shorten”, and viola, your shorten link generated.

Alternatively, you can visit console to create a short URL, though you must be an existing user, as unfortunately, Google has shut down support for URL shortener for newcomer.

But, in case you are still looking how to go about generating your WhatsApp link.

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