How to use Facebook Messenger for Automated Marketing?

You can’t ignore it. With over 1.3 billion active users and more than 2 billion messages exchanged each month, Facebook Messenger is a social media powerhouse. Learn how to take advantage of its massive potential in creating your social media marketing strategy.

How to use Facebook Messenger for Automated Marketing?

The traditional routes of advertising—TV, radio, and print, as well as the newer, tech-based e-mail and banner marketing campaigns—have one thing in common: they treat their audience as passive receivers. Facebook Messenger changes that thanks to its interactive nature. People like being acknowledged.

Approaching your audience through chat makes communication feel more meaningful and personal, shows them that you care, and increases trust.

Since it isn’t possible to personally message hundreds or thousands of people, however, you’ll need some help from a chatbot.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are the evolution of auto-responders. You can think of them as smart scripts that can recognize patterns in what somebody types and then offer appropriate responses.

Going into detail about chatbots, how to set them up, and how to optimize them is outside the scope of this article. Services like Chatfuel and Botsify can assist you in chatbot creation and setup. Furthermore, if you know how to program, you can create a custom solution from scratch.

When you do have your chatbot ready to do your bidding, it’s time to dive into using it for promoting your business.

Automated Marketing with Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows four types of Ads:

1. Ads in Messenger Inbox appear in Messenger’s inbox between conversations and direct users to a set URL.

2. Ads in Messenger Stories appear between organic stories. You can use them to increase the reach of your Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories.

3. You can create Sponsored Messages once your Page has enough existing conversations to set up a custom audience. They only appear in Facebook Messenger as typical messages, usually accompanied by a CTA button.

4. Ads That Click to Messenger appear on Facebook and, when clicked, bring the user to a customized chat inside Facebook Messenger. Your chatbot can take it from there, turning the click into a sale.

It’s this combination of Ads That Click to Messenger and chatbots that can seriously elevate and automate your Facebook Messenger marketing.

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