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Dive into our array of advanced marketing tools designed to revolutionize how you attract social media attention, utilize marketing software, and leverage cloud and blockchain technology. 

HiSeven Products: Innovations That Empower #2

SocGo IP

IP Proxies Service Provider

SocGo IP stands as a leading provider of professional proxy services. Enhance your digital endeavors with our genuine, high-caliber global proxies designed to protect your anonymity and facilitate the achievement of your objectives.

HiSeven Products: Innovations That Empower #2


Number Screening Software

Leverage Customized AI-Driven Marketing with WhatsData for Global Business Expansion. WhatsData delivers personalized and powerful AI systems and supreme cognitive solutions at competitive prices, empowering businesses to extend their market.

HiSeven Products: Innovations That Empower #2

SCRM Champion

All-in-one Messaging Platform

A centralizes social media messaging for efficient lead management, offering analytics insights and real-time updates. It features scheduled replies and an auto-translation for 100+ languages, enhancing global communication and operational efficiency.

HiSeven Products: Innovations That Empower #2


Multi-tasking Software

Open multiple different browser windows with various device information and IP networks, allowing users to control multiple social media and e-commerce accounts at the same time without interrelation, thus avoiding being blocked.

HiSeven Products: Innovations That Empower #2


Cloud Server Platform

Customize your cloud experience with CloudSeven, offering tailored solutions for seamless digital operations. Get 24/7 support with our anonymous Cloud Server platform for hassle-free website and app development.


Q: Can I tailor tools to my business needs?

A: Absolutely! Our R&D team customizes tools for diverse global businesses, ensuring you get cutting-edge, tailored business solutions.

Q: Where is HiSeven located?

A: HiSeven is headquartered in Singapore, with a vibrant presence in Kuala Lumpur at The Icon KL.

Q: What solutions do you offer for startups?

A: Our suite includes sales growth, cybersecurity, client management, lead analysis, and multi-brand social media management—essential for startup/SME success.

Q: How can I generate quality leads?

A: Use WhatsData to capture active, high-quality leads across platforms. Learn more at www.whatsdata.cc.

Q: Is there a free trial or demo for your products?

A: Enjoy a free 300 MB trial of our IP Proxies at www.socgo.com. Contact us for demos of other products.

Q: Are there discounts for bulk corporate purchases?

A: We offer various pricing plans. Please reach out for a personalized discussion.

Q: Is there an Affiliate Marketing Program?

A: Yes, select products have affiliate opportunities. Contact us for details.

Q: Are you open to business collaborations?

A: Absolutely! Our marketing team is eager to explore potential partnerships.

Q: Who is your target audience?

A: Our products serve all business types and industries. For queries, our team is ready to assist you.