HiSeven: Bridging Markets Through Software

Building global tech bridges between diverse markets

Who is HiSeven?

Founded in 2023 and based in Singapore, with a key branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, HiSeven is a startup software product development company with a vision to bridge Eastern and Western markets through innovative solutions.

Our story goes beyond technology; it’s about connecting cultures and understanding diverse market needs. In Singapore, we benefit from strategic positioning, while our Kuala Lumpur office stands as a center of technological innovation, market research, and customer engagement, making it a crucial connector between Southeast Asia and the World.

Dedicated to global growth, we are focused on attracting world-class talent and establishing strategic partnerships. More than just software development, we are committed to innovation and problem-solving, continually adapting to our customers’ feedback. Our goal is to be a driving force in creating a more connected and efficient digital work.

The Philosophy of HiSeven


Reflects our warm, friendly approach


Signifies 7 core values

Also represents our goal to be a top 7 global software innovator within 7 years. We aspire to build innovative yet compassionate software to bring people together and move society forward.

HiSeven: Bridging Markets Through Software


To redefine the landscape of digital solutions by leveraging our diverse cultural insights and technological expertise.


We aim to set new standards in software development by fostering a culture of continuous innovation, expanding our global footprint, and prioritizing customer-centric solutions.

HiSeven Leadership

HiSeven: Bridging Markets Through Software

Chief Executive Officer

Yam Weng Cheong

Yam is an aviation expert with over 15 years of product leadership success spanning cloud, airport innovation, IT management and infrastructure domains. He holds multiple Alibaba Cloud certifications. Yam pioneered Southeast Asia’s first cloud airport command center and facial recognition self-boarding gates, driving operational efficiency and elevated passenger experience. 

As Founder of HiSeven, he assembles top talent to leverage his technical and strategic expertise in developing cutting-edge solutions that address pressing industry challenges and capitalize on technology opportunities.

Chief Technology Officer

Yumin Su

Yumin leverages over 20 years steering engineering and technology innovation across aviation, fintech, FMCG and other industries. With deep expertise in cloud computing and managing full development lifecycles, he has a stellar record of building and transforming tech to cut costs and elevate quality and performance. 

Yumin proactively heads IT vision and thrives when rapid adaptation is required. Eager to apply his versatile technical skillsets to drive continued growth, he guides engineering teams to turn ambitious ideas into high-impact solutions – advancing pipelines that cement HiSeven as an industry leader.

HiSeven: Bridging Markets Through Software

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