6 Ways to Check Your WhatsApp Web is Hijacked or Not

WhatsApp Web can be the target of hijacking by irresponsible people. For that, WhatsApp Web users need to be vigilant and careful by checking how WhatsApp Web is hijacked or not.

WhatsApp Web users need to learn this in order to avoid piracy . Especially if the WhatsApp account used stores various important information and personal data.

How to Check WhatsApp Web is Hijacked


You can check whether your WhatsApp account has been hijacked or not by looking at incoming notifications and alerts and searching for messages from other users.

1.WhatsApp send OTP

When WhatsApp Web is hijacked, users will suddenly receive a One Time Password (OTP) code from WhatsApp. In fact, you are not trying to log into your account and need the OTP.

This means that your account is being cloned by someone else for later hijacking. If there is a sudden OTP delivery, then do not give the code to anyone.

2.Log out of WhatsApp account suddenly

The next way to check WhatsApp Web is hijacked is when your account logs out by itself. Though, you didn’t do this command.

When this happens, it means that someone else is trying to access your account on another device. However, because WhatsApp can only be accessed on one cellphone, then when accessed on a new cellphone, the WhatsApp account will exit from the old cellphone.

If this happens, immediately contact WhatsApp to verify. Also don’t grant access when WhatsApp confirms the access request on another phone.

3.Online status even though it’s not active

Check the status of your WhatsApp account, whether it is online or not when not in use. This check can be done by asking a friend or relative to see your status.

If the status is online even though the application is not open, then the account is being hijacked. Immediately remove the account from any connected devices, including WhatsApp web.

4.Mysterious message

Characteristics of a WhatsApp account being hijacked if there is a mysterious message sending or you don’t do it or without your knowledge.

If this happens, then the account has changed hands. In fact, the hijacker has actually used your account.

5.Message read

The way to check WhatsApp Web is hijacked or not is to see if the incoming message has been read or not. Messages that have been read are marked with two blue ticks in the message section.

This flag can be enabled in the settings section. If the tick indicates that you have read the message, even though you haven’t opened the chat, it means that your account has been hijacked. The hijacker has read messages from other users.

6.Device list

You can check the list of devices connected to your WhatsApp web in the settings section. If there is an unknown device, then the account may have been hijacked.

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