10 settings to enhance security for Zalo account

Zalo is currently the most favorite messaging platform of Vietnamese people, often used to contact and call relatives, friends and colleagues in daily life. 

10 settings to enhance security for Zalo account

Zalo is currently the most favorite messaging platform of Vietnamese people, often used to contact and call relatives, friends and colleagues in daily life. According to the latest announcement, Zalo currently has more than 70 million regular users. This application has fast, stable messaging speed, constantly investing in features aimed at user privacy and security.

When set by default, the application allows the account to display the last time online, notify other people’s messages have been viewed, open the right to make friends for everyone… However, for a separate user experience privacy and enhanced security, users can use the following 10 settings.

Messages deleted automatically

Self-deleting messages on Zalo help user accounts automatically lose their exchange content after a preset period of time from both senders and receivers without any manual action.

You should consider setting up this feature if you regularly exchange important information via Zalo such as health records, work, passwords, family stories… 30 days. Users enter the chat, press “Options”, then select “Self-deleting messages” to activate.

End-to-end encryption

In May, Zalo launched end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to upgrade security. E2EE is highly regarded by global experts as the most secure of all available message content protection methods.

Zalo application of Signal Protocol for E2EE feature in the context of this open source protocol is highly appreciated by many international experts.

End-to-end encryption ensures that information exchanged is only encrypted and decrypted directly on the user’s device. This means that, apart from the sender and receiver, no other device can decode and read the message content, preventing illegal intrusions.

To upgrade, in the conversation, go to “Options”, then find “End-End Encryption” and press select.

Block strangers from calling, texting

To avoid disturbing strangers, users can consider blocking calls and messages from people who are not in the contact list. This setting gives you peace of mind that only those who have become Zalo friends can contact you.

Users go to “Settings”, select “Privacy” and turn off the option “Receive messages from strangers”, setting up who can call you.

Block users

You can decide if certain contacts in your contacts are allowed to text or view your logs.

To block someone from texting, open the conversation, tap “Options” and press “Block Messages.” Similarly, in the dialog box, select “Personal settings”, then open the option “Block this person from seeing my logs” to hide Zalo logs.

Turn off last online time

To focus more, not be disturbed for a certain period of time, you should turn off the access status by going to “Settings”, selecting “Privacy” and continuing to click the corresponding option. Other people seeing the inactive status will implicitly understand that you are busy, and it is not convenient to reply to messages immediately.

Message recall

Anyone has ever mistakenly texted someone else. For “fire fighting”, users can quickly withdraw. On the phone, you hold down the message until a series of options appear, continue to press “Recall” to delete the message from the chat. With Zalo PC version, you right-click on the message, then select “Revoke”.

Control source of friends

To limit making friends, users can control contacts with sources of invitations. When you click “Settings”, select “Privacy”, you will see the “Friend Sources”. Here, users can turn off unwanted invitation sources such as usernames, phone numbers, QR codes, public groups, business cards, maybe you know…

Change privacy settings for groups

In the Zalo messaging group, the group leader has the right to set some privacy and security options. You can set up a request to approve new members or not, and give members the right to edit group information, create notes, remind appointments, create votes, pin messages…

In the group chat, the user presses “Options”, then selects “Group settings” to make the desired settings.

Turn off viewed notifications

You can turn off the “Watched” notification on Zalo in cases where it is not convenient to reply as soon as you receive the message. You click “Settings”, then select “Privacy” and turn off the seen notifications to set up this function.

Install Zalo key

Installing the Zalo lock code helps the application to be optimally secure, no one is curious to see the important content that belongs to you personally. Users can set a lock code with a number or fingerprint, Face ID if the smartphone supports these technologies.

To set up, go to “Settings”, select “Account and security”, then click “Set Zalo key”. If you forget the passcode, you must delete the app and reinstall it on your phone.

With 10 settings to enhance security and ensure privacy on Zalo, you can better protect your information when using the application in communication, work and many daily life activities.

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