Transferring a LINE account to a new mobile phone is not blocked! 7-step “one-click scan QRcode” moving is super easy

Transferring a LINE account to a new mobile phone is not blocked! 7-step "one-click scan QRcode" moving is super easy

In the past, if I wanted to change the LINE account of the old mobile phone to a new mobile phone, in addition to binding the account, I also needed to enable the “mobile account” function to move the account to other mobile phones, but today LINE officially launched the “Scan Mobile Barcode”. With the “Switch” function, you can easily switch your LINE account with one click!

LINE officially stated that if you want to use the function of “Mobile Barcode Mobile Account (Scan QRcode to change phone)”, you need to update the LINE version of your mobile phone to 12.10.0 (inclusive) or above before it can be used. This function “change the phone number with the same phone number” and “change the phone number with a new phone number” can be used. In addition, there is no problem in transferring the phone with the same system device or across systems such as Android and Apple iOS. LINE officially reminds that if the old and new mobile phones are declared as “same device”, please remember to complete the backup of LINE chat history on the old mobile phone before moving the account.

Using “Mobile Barcode Mobile Account” 7 steps is quite simple, let’s do it together:

(1) Download and log in to LINE on your new phone, and select “Login with Mobile Barcode”.

(2) Click “Scan Mobile Barcode” from the new mobile phone and scan the mobile barcode on the old mobile phone.

(3) Open the LINE homepage on the old mobile phone, and click “Settings (gear icon)” > “Move account by mobile barcode”.

(4) After the mobile barcode appears, please use the new mobile phone to scan the mobile barcode on the old mobile phone (please complete it within a certain period of time, otherwise you must click the “Update” button to update the mobile barcode).

(5) After scanning the code with the new mobile phone, a window will pop up to confirm whether it is me, and enter the device password to confirm again.

(6) After the identity verification of the old mobile phone is completed, you can log in on the new mobile phone. It should also be noted that after pressing the login button on the new mobile phone, the account cannot be used on the old mobile phone.

(7) After logging in, you can choose whether to restore the backed up chat history, and the account transfer will be completed after restoration. This function can only be used on the same device. If the account is transferred across devices, the backup chat history cannot be restored.

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