Five practical tips for adding friends and deleting messages without opening LINE

Whether it’s chatting with friends or discussing business affairs, many people use LINE to send messages, which is very convenient. However, despite frequent use in life, LINE still has some unexpected features. The Japanese media “GLUGLU” recently shared five techniques that can make LINE more convenient to use.

1. Call out the friend QR code without opening LINE

When many people want to add LINE friends to each other, they will be used to opening the LINE app, then click the friend menu, and turn on QR code scanning and other related functions. However, in fact, in the app menu page, as long as you press and hold the LINE icon and select “Read Mobile Barcode”, you can automatically open LINE and jump directly to the screen for scanning the QR code.

2. Automatic backup of conversation records

Some people are accustomed to backing up their conversation records so as not to miss important information. However, as long as you click “Chat”, “Backup Chat History”, “Auto Backup Frequency” in the settings on the LINE homepage, turn on “Auto Backup” and select the time and frequency, the past messages will be automatically saved.

3. Top important information

Sometimes when you encounter something that needs to be confirmed repeatedly, such as the restaurant appointment or the time of the meeting, etc., you can press and hold the content of the message and select the “Set as Announcement” option on the broadcast icon. In this way, the message will appear at the top of the screen, and everyone in the same group will see it, making it easy to check at any time.

4. Delete Sent Conversations

Sometimes I accidentally type the wrong content, or press to send before I finish typing, and I want to take it back and retype it. At this time, as long as the message is sent within 24 hours, long-press the message and click the “Retract” option of the crossed icon in the dialog box to successfully delete it. In addition, if you select the “Delete” option of the trash can icon, you can only delete the message displayed in your own LINE, and the other party’s LINE can still see the original message, which is often confused by many users.

5. Reply to a specific message

If you want to reply to a particular sentence, you don’t need to long-press the message. Just touch the message you want to reply and swipe left, it will automatically lock and start typing to reply.

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