What should I do if the LINE message is delayed? 4 workaround fixes!

Recently, some netizens have reported that the LINE messages of iPhone or Android phones will be delayed , and it is very lag and lag to use , and even occasionally the program cannot be opened. If you have encountered the above problems, you can use the This article provides 4 solutions to restore your LINE to its original smooth experience!

LINE message delay notification? 4 ways to solve it!

1.  Restart LINE or reboot

The first method, while simple, is often the quickest and most effective method! If the phone is not turned off for a long time, it is prone to small abnormalities; you can first try to completely close the LINE App and then reopen it. If there is still no improvement, then restart the iPhone/Android phone and try it!

2. Update LINE to the latest version

When the LINE app has not been updated for a long time, there may be problems in use; or there is an error in a certain version of LINE, the official will release the latest version of the repair for installation; as long as you go to the Google Play Store or App Store page, you can Install the latest version of the LINE App!

3. Delete LINE cache temporary

If LINE has accumulated too much cache data to clear, it is easy to cause the mobile phone or program to run into a freeze. The following is how to delete the temporary cache of LINE:

Step 1:Click the ” Gear ” > ” Chat ” in the upper right corner of the LINE homepage.

Step 2:Then select ” Delete Data “, click ” Cache Data ” > ” Delete Selected Data “, and finally click ” Delete Data “.

4. Turn off LINE auto-play video

LINE defaults that the mobile phone will automatically play the video content, but if your mobile phone processing performance is not good enough, it may cause the use of the card. You can follow the instructions below to change the settings to improve:

Step 1:On the main page of LINE, click ” Gear ” > ” Photo. Video “.

Step 2: Select the ” Auto-Play Video ” function, and then check the ” Disable Auto-Play ” option!

The above are the 4 solutions for ” Improving LINE message notification delays and freezes “. If your LINE mobile version is not very smooth to use, you can try the solutions provided in the article!

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