How To Tag Someone On Facebook

Figuring out how to tag someone on Facebook can be a great way to share memories with your friends in the news feed. That’s because when we tag a person or page in a photo, for example, that post also appears on the mentioned people’s timeline. This means that tagging someone consequently increases the reach of that post on Facebook.

With that in mind, Facebook offers dedicated tagging features where you can easily find your friends. Like Instagram , it is also possible to tag pages that you follow (when this option is allowed by the administrators) using the “@” to mention it on Facebook. In this article, see how to tag people and pages!

How To Tag Someone On Facebook

How to tag people on facebook

1. Access Facebook ( Android | iOS );

2. Tap “Create Post”;

3. Then tap “Tag People”;

4. Then just type the person’s name;

5. You can tag up to 50 people from your friends list.

How to bookmark pages on facebook

Bookmarking Facebook Pages is a little more complicated. That’s because the pages are not displayed through the tagging tool, this is reserved for tagging friends only. Therefore, to bookmark a page it is necessary to mention its name using “@”.

However, it is worth mentioning that in this case the marking will only be available when allowed by the administrators. You can also make your Facebook more private by limiting your profile tags to friends only.

How to limit tags on Facebook

Also, there are some privacy settings that ask for your approval to be tagged in a post. This setting is activated when someone wants to tag you in a photo, video, comment, status updates and happenings on the social network.

1. Go to “Settings”;

2. Tap “Profile & Tagging”;

3. Then tap on “Posts In Which They Tagged You”;

4. Once this is done, just activate this option to approve future appointments.

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