Why can’t Zalo call? See how to fix it on Android and iOS phones now

Zalo is one of the applications that allows people to text and call for free. However, many users cannot make calls on Zalo and they do not know the reason. So why can’t Zalo call? How to fix this error.

Why can't Zalo call? See how to fix it on Android and iOS phones now

Why can’t Zalo call?

There are many reasons why Zalo cannot call, the reasons must be mentioned as follows:

The Internet is unstable, often interrupted, making the phone connection weak.

The Zalo application is not allowed to access the microphone or camera features on the device.

Some features of Zalo are faulty.

Your Zalo account has been blocked by people in your friends list.

Instructions to fix the error Zalo cannot call on Android

Check WiFi connection again

The first reason why Zalo cannot call is because the network connection is not stable. Therefore, you should check and reset the WiFi signal on your Android phone. To check, click on Settings > Select continue WiFi > Click Turn off WiFi and make the connection again.

Check and refresh apps in the background

If you want to check and refresh apps in the background, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone > Click Connect > Click on Data usage .

Step 2: In the Data usage section > Drag and find the Zalo application and check if the section that allows background data is turned on, if not, please turn it on.

Check if microphone and camera permissions

To check if your device has granted access to the camera and microphone, do the following:

Step 1: Click on Settings on your phone > Click on Applications > Click on Zalo.

Step 2: Select App Permissions > Check if the microphone and camera features are turned on, if not, turn it on.

Update Zalo to new version

The easiest way to fix the error Zalo cannot call is to update the new version. When updating the new version for the application, the features will be repaired and the calling feature on Zalo will also be fixed.

How to fix the error Zalo cannot call on iOS

Check your Internet connection

Similar to how to fix WiFi connection on Android phones, on iOS devices you also check network connection by going to Settings > Select WiFi > Turn off WiFi in use and reconnect.

Check background app refresh

Reconnect in the background as follows:

Step 1: Go to Settings on the device > Click on General > Select on Background App Refresh.

Step 2: Scroll down and see if the Zalo application has the background refresh feature enabled , if not, please turn it on.

Check access on Camera and Micro

One way to fix Zalo is not able to call on iOS phones, then go to Settings on your phone > Pull down the Zalo application and see if the Micro and Camera section has been turned on or not, if not, turn it on to use it.

Update Zalo application to new version

Please check if Zalo has been updated to the new version or not, if there is a new version, click Update now to update the old features.

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