How to set up an auto-reply on Telegram?

If you stumbled upon this blog, you’re probably already using Telegram for your business. And with success — since you’re looking for a way to manage all the incoming Telegram messages even better. Auto-replies can help you achieve just that.

By setting up an auto-reply on Telegram, you assure customers of a fast response which leaves your team with more time to manage incoming messages. This not only reduces the workload on your team but also increases customer satisfaction.

The best part? Setting them up can already be done in a few steps. In fact, you don’t even have to write the auto-replies yourself.

How to set up an auto-reply on Telegram?

The benefits of using a Telegram auto-reply

With a welcome message for Telegram, you can:

Maintain a fast response time

Customers will get an instant response, even outside business hours.

Improve your accessibility

Day or night, it doesn’t matter. You’re always ready to offer support.

Improve customer satisfaction

By sending a clear auto-reply message, customers know what to expect from your team and will not be up to any surprises.

How to set an an auto response on Telegram?

I’ll get straight to the point: it’s not possible to set an auto-reply directly in Telegram. The app itself doesn’t offer this feature, which is why you need a third-party application to make it happen.

Use 007SCRM

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007SCRM has the following functions

007SCRM Control in Bulk : Log bulk instant messenger accounts in one PC software.

Cross-Media : WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Zalo, Facebook messenger… in one.

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007SARM Auto Reply : Reply preset words automatically, quick reply by 1 click, keywords reply…

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