How to translate Telegram messages in your language?

Earlier in January, the messaging app Telegram rolled out a new update that added an in-app translation feature to the platform. After the update, users will be able to read any message in either groups or chat in their preferred language. This Telegram feature is available for both Android and iOS. Telegram translate feature was aimed to increase the usability and accessibility of the app for users.

Telegram’s platform is already feature heavy and has options not available on its rival WhatsApp. Some of the features of Telegram missing in WhatsApp include restricting message forwarding in groups, sending large files up to 2GB and anonymous posting. Now, another addition to the list will be message translation. If you want to know how to translate any message on Telegram, then read on.

How to translate Telegram messages in your language?

How to translate Telegram messages in your language?

Method 1: Use Telegram

Step 1: Using this feature is very simple. But first, you need to activate it. This feature is not self-activated so you will need to find it and turn it on.

Step 2: Once you’re in the Telegram app, click on the hamburger icon. It looks like three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. 

Step 3: From there, go to Settings > Language. 

Step 4: On the top of the Language menu, you should see the ‘Show Translate Button’. Turn it on. 

Step 5: Right below the Show Translate Button, you will see another option that says ‘Do Not Translate’. Here you can choose to exclude the translation feature for any language you are fluent in. Do not, that whatever language you use Telegram in, you cannot get a translation option for that. For example, if you use Telegram in English, English by default will not be translated to another language.

Step 6: Although this option has quite a few languages, it does not support Hindi. 

Step 7: Now, go to any chat or group and tap on a message. You should be able to see the ‘Translate’ option in the pop up menu. 

Step 8: Click on translate and your message will be translated to the Telegram’s default language.

Method 2: Use 007SCRM

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