How to login multiple accounts Zalo at the same time?

Social networks or messaging applications are now very popular with users. One person can own multiple Facebook or Messenger accounts, and you can already log in to multiple Facebook accounts or login to multiple Messenger accounts on the same device.

And the latest version of Zalo has also updated the feature that allows users to log in multiple Zalo accounts on the same device and the same application. Previously, you had to log out your current Zalo account, then enter another Zalo account with a password to use. But with this new feature we just need to click on the switch account icon. Chat messages are completely kept and synchronized, the account settings do not make any difference when we change accounts. The following article will guide you how to switch accounts on Zalo.

How to login multiple accounts Zalo at the same time?

Instructions for using multiple Zalo accounts at the same time

Method 1:

Step 1: After upgrading Zalo Android to the latest version , we click on the Add icon under the interface, then select the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Appears Zalo installation interface, scroll down and click on Switch account . Display the new interface with the Zalo account the user is currently logged into. Below click Add account to login another Zalo account. In case of upgrading Zalo but do not see the account transfer option, please log out of Zalo and then log back in.

Then you enter other Zalo account information to login as usual. When you first log into another Zalo account on your device, you will have setup steps such as creating a Zalo account.

Step 3: The new Zalo account has been logged in with the interface unchanged. When you click the Add icon , you will see next to the current Zalo account name is another Zalo account avatar for us to switch as needed.

Click Sign in to access another account. At that time, the account is automatically accessed because it has memorized account login information.

Step 4: In case the user wants to log out or remove an account, we access the Account Transfer interface and press and hold on the account you want to delete . When the pop-up selection is displayed, click on Uninstall. Zalo will ask if the user is sure you want to delete the Zalo account from this device, click Uninstall to agree.

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