Can I set up an auto response on Facebook Messenger?

Messenger is a standalone Facebook messaging APP that allows you to send messages. It includes the exchange of photos, videos, memes, audio and files, support for voice and video calls, as well as end-to-end encrypted conversations and mini-games.

Many Internet practitioners like to use it to expand new customers, but sometimes there will be such temporary leave or other urgent things, customers to consult can not timely reply to the message. Messenger automatically replies, making it easy to solve these problems.

Can I set up an auto response on Facebook Messenger?

What is an auto response?

Automated replies are messages sent automatically as your Page’s first response to new messages. They buy you time so that you can respond to the user when it is comfortable for you and think of a perfectly crafted answer. In the meantime, you leave the sender with a reply that makes him or her rest assured that his message was received and is being processed.

As it’s not a final reply to the user, you should always keep auto replies short and sweet.

How to set up an auto response on Facebook Messenger?

Method 1:

1. Go to your Business Facebook Page.

2. Go to Inbox and then click on the tab in the left-hand column Automated Responses.

3. Then in the second column on the left click Instant Reply and click on Edit.

4. Here you can choose on what platform your instant replies will be sent – Facebook (as responses to comments) or Messenger (message replies). You can customize your message and add personalization – the first name of the recipient, last name of the recipient, the full name of the recipient, Facebook page link, or website link.

5. Before you save your reply, check if it looks fine. You can do it on the mobile preview in the right-hand column, or click on Preview in the Messenger button above it.

6. All set? Save it and your auto-reply is ready.

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