Dual WhatsApp: How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Mobile Phone

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps worldwide with over 2 billion monthly active users. The Facebook-owned app comes with a slew of features, some you may not have even heard of. Of course, the app has its limitations. A big one is its inability to support multiple WhatsApp accounts. Officially, you can only run one WhatsApp account per device.

Dual WhatsApp: How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Mobile Phone

Dual WhatsApp: How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Smartphone

Method 1: Use your dual SIM mobile

Before setting up dual apps, make sure the second SIM is activated and connected to the Internet. 

1. Go to your Android device Settings.

2. Scroll down and tap on Apps.

3. Select Dual Apps and tap on Create.

4. Select WhatsApp from the dual app supported apps. 

5. Toggle Dual Apps and wait for the device to set up a WhatsApp dual app.

6. Go back to the app launcher and open WhatsApp with the dual app icon.

7. Set up WhatsApp using your second number. 

These steps are for a Xiaomi device. The name of the feature and the steps could vary depending on the smartphone manufacturer. In Oppo devices, the feature is called App Clone. Similarly, it’s Dual Messenger in Samsung devices; Twin Apps in Asus devices, App Twin in Honor devices, and App Cloner in Realme devices. If you own a OnePlus device, the option is called Parallel apps under the Utilities Settings.

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