Line OA Quick Reply Line feature that helps respond to chats quickly, satisfying admins

Line OA Quick Reply, one of the important features of Line Official Account that I believe that some of you may have heard this term. Or many people may be using it now because Line OA Quick Reply is considered a use that helps improve the chat life of business line admins. Incredibly easier why You can find the words from the clip and the article below.

Line OA Quick Reply Line feature that helps respond to chats quickly, satisfying admins

What is Line OA Quick Reply?

It is a feature of Line OA that allows us to answer customer questions faster by clicking on answers from a collection of answers that we save in the system without having to retype.

Think about the times when we use Facebook fan pages. You can see that when we reply to a customer in the Facebook Massenger Inbox of a business page, there is a function called Facebook Quick Reply.

which originated from the idea that In fact, when customers chat with us It contains a series of questions that most regular customers often ask over and over, such as ‘Where is the store located?’ ‘What time does the store open?

in facebook chat inbox We can pre-print the answers to these question sets and store them in the backend of our page. When the customer asks the same question that we have, the answer is saved. The admin can press one click to select the answer from the set of questions created. and send replies to customers automatically without having to waste time typing answers by themselves

This saves time and helps admins work a lot easier. The important thing is that customers don’t have to wait long for an answer. We can respond quickly to customers as well.

In Line Official Account, there is also Quick Reply like this. In this article,I will introduce how to set up Line Official Account Quick Reply. Let’s do it together.

How to set up Line Official Account Quick Reply?

Method 1: Sign in the system of the Line Official Account

1. Let us Sign in the system behind the house of the Line Official Account. We can search the website of the Line system via Google.

2. Once we have signed in, the system will bring us to the first page of the Line Official Account Manager. Let us click on the Chatmenu.

3. When entering the main window of the chat room Go to the menu on the left hand side of the screen, select ‘Chat Settings’ by clicking once.

4. Go to the word bar. ‘Reply’  >> ‘Create new’ to add a reply.

5. Name the reply you want to create. The technique is to keep the name short, concise, easy to understand, so that it is convenient and not confusing when we choose to use the answer. for example Customers often ask what time the store opens. We may create a reply and name this message ‘business hours’ or ‘opening hours’.

6. Then let us type the answer into it. For example, ‘Our shop is open. Monday – Saturday at 08.00-20.00 hrs.’ When you’re done, press Save .

Just like this, our Quick Reply answers will be stored in the system already. When the admin will run the answer to answer the customer, it can be used very easily.

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