How to use the Telegram translator?

Telegram, with 500 million users, is the second most used instant messaging app in the world. It is only surpassed by WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, with its more than 2 billion users. Despite the fact that in terms of number of WhatsApp users it surpasses Telegram, the truth is that the latter has recently incorporated a number of very advanced functions of which the first lacks.

How to use the Telegram translator?

Telegram allows you to translate both the messages you write and the ones you receive from your interlocutor

Last week, for example, Telegram introduced a function that allows its users to hide possible “spoilers” contained in a message. A few months before, the messaging app incorporated into its operation a message translation system. Thanks to this tool, you can instantly translate messages written in another language by your interlocutor or, conversely, translate into their language what you have written in your mother tongue.

Here we explain how to activate and use this translator

Method 1: Use the Telegram

Activate the translator: Click on the icon with the three horizontal stripes, at the top right, and then access the “Settings” option. From that screen, and from all the sections that it shows you, click on the one that says “Language”. Once inside, you will see that at the top there is an option that says “Show translate button”. Flip that tab so that option is activated.

Translate the messages you write: Open a chat on Telegram and write the message you want to send in your mother tongue. Next, click on the message and you will see that a tab opens with several options. One of them says “Translate”, and by clicking on it you will be able to select which language to translate the text into. Once the translation is correct, click on “Replace with translation” and send the message.

Translate received messages: Click on the message you want to translate. This will open an options menu, in which you must click on the “Translate” option. From there, Telegram will take you to a screen that will show you the meaning, in your language, of the translated message.

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