How to translate Facebook Messenger messages?

Continuing with our previous post about how to translate WhatsApp messages, in the next tutorial we will see how you can translate Facebook Messenger messages almost instantly.

How to translate Facebook Messenger messages?

Method 1: Translate Facebook Messenger messages with Google Translate

As previously mentioned in linking to the opportunity to translate WhatsApp messages, even in the case of Facebook Messenger you can take advantage of the fundamental help of the function “Tap to translate” of Google translator which is truly intuitive on Android devices and somewhat more cumbersome (but still usable) on the iPhone.

Procedure on Android

After performing the downloading Google TranslateTo configure the function “Tap to translate”, just follow this sequence:

Open Google translator Press the icon Menu up to the left (three horizontal lines)> Tap on Settings > Press to translate Place a blue check mark on the post Activate.

Thereafter, translate Facebook Messenger messages it will be a piece of cake.

On Android smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is create a long press the message you want to translate and click “double“. You will immediately see the floating Google Translate icon appear; click on it to get the translation of the message.

Procedure on iOS

After performing the download Google Translate for iOS in iTunes… You will have to:

Back Start and open a Facebook Messenger chat from which you can copy the message you want to translate;

Take advantage of the 3D Touch key on the iPhone and return to the screen Start;

Open Google Translate;Paste the message in the foreign language and wait for the translation

Method 2 : By using 007SCRM

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