Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools for Your Marketing Campaign

WhatsApp is the second most popular messaging app after Facebook. Both individuals and businesses are using this messenger application around the world. Brands use it to promote their products, interact with customers or alert them about their promotions, events, and more.

Although businesses use WhatsApp for their marketing campaigns, the medium doesn’t support advertisement. Therefore they have to use it ethically and according to its rules.

WhatsApp sender tools can help you improve your marketing campaigns. They will enable you to create and send automated, bulk, customized messages.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools for Your Marketing Campaign

Benefits of WhatsApp Bulk Sender

Customer Engagement: These tools allow you to reach a broad base of people with your messages about your brand, products, and services. It’s also the best medium for quickly and easily responding to your customers’ queries.

CRM Management: It helps you manage customer relations in order to make your brand customer-friendly and improve sales.

Send Catalog and Brochures: The bulk WhatsApp sender software lets you send your new and loyal customers messages about your activities, promotional events, brochures, and fliers.

Analytics: The feature allows you to understand whether your message was sent, received, seen, or read by the customers.

Brand Positioning: These tools help you improve your customer base and your brand position in the market by increasing the visibility of your products.

WhatsApp Sender Tools : 007Promoter

007Promoter, WhatsApp marketing and advertising platform. you can control bulk WhatsApp hash chennels to send messages automatically, create lots of full groups without others’ agreement , and other advanced marketing action… by HiSeven

007Promoter has the following functions

Automation Scripts : Control WhatsApp hash channels to run automation script for preventing being banned.

Bulk Send Message : Input users list and send them message automatically by WhatsApp hash channels you loged in 007.Promoter.

Create Groups Automatically : Create groups and invite target users to join in groups automatically without their agreement…

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