How To Import Contacts To WhatsApp In three Ways On Android Or iPhone?

It’s easy to import contacts to your WhatsApp account. There are four ways to do it. One is to transfer contacts manually. Another is to import your contacts from Excel. A third is to use the third-party app, 007Promoter.

How To Import Contacts To WhatsApp In three Ways On Android Or iPhone?

It’s easy to import contacts to your WhatsApp account. There are four ways to do it. One is to transfer contacts manually. Another is to import your contacts from Excel. A third is to use the third-party app, 007Promoter.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most important apps that we have on our phones, as it allows us to keep in contact with the rest of the world. We use WhatsApp to communicate with our family, to conduct business, and much more.

However, when you get a new phone, WhatsApp does not automatically sync the contacts that you had on your old phone. This is especially true if you’re changing from Android to iOS or vice versa.

While this is certainly inconvenient and sometimes even downright frustrating, there’s no need to worry. In this article, I’ll discuss everything you need to do to import contacts to WhatsApp.

What Does Importing Contacts Mean?

When it comes to importing your contacts to WhatsApp, this means taking your contacts from a source that is external to the app, such as from your phone’s internal storage, address book, from the Cloud, or even from another device, and adding them to your WhatsApp in a way that the software can understand so that they can be displayed and used by the app.

3 Ways To Import Contacts To WhatsApp


You can import contacts to WhatsApp using the app’s own features. With these methods, you don’t need to do anything special – you just have to click a few buttons and you’ll have your contacts imported.

By Importing From Internal Storage Via WhatsApp

This is one of the simplest methods to import contacts to WhatsApp, and it’s available on both Android or iOS. However, you can only add one contact at a time, so this method can be a bit time-consuming. I recommend only doing it if you only need to import a few contacts to WhatsApp.

The steps for this simple process are outlined below:

1. Launch WhatsApp on your device and tap the Contacts icon. It’s usually located on the top-right side of the UI, although it can also appear on the bottom-right for some.

2. The next screen will display a list of all the contacts that you have saved in the internal storage of your phone.

3. From here, you can tap the New contact option.

4. This will allow you to add a new contact that will be added to both your WhatsApp account and your phone.

By Syncing

Syncing is another way to import contacts to your phone. This feature allows you to sync the contacts you have on your phone’s internal storage to the app itself, so you don’t need to add them one by one as you do in the previous way. This makes syncing your contacts easy and convenient. 

The only real concern some people have about this method is privacy. For the sync to work, you need to allow the app permission to access your contact list. If this makes you uncomfortable, then the previous method of adding contacts one by one is best for you.

This feature can be automatically turned on whenever you install WhatsApp on an Android device, but there might be some instances where this is not the case, and you need to turn it on manually.

If this is your situation, follow the steps below to grant permission to WhatsApp on your Android device to import contacts.

1. Open your phone’s Settings. Scroll down and go to Accounts & sync.

2. Tap WhatsApp. If needed, enter your WhatsApp account settings.

3. A new screen will appear, showing “WhatsApp” again. Tap it.

4. The next screen will have Contacts. Tap it to sync.

For the most part, the previous steps should be enough to import contacts from your internal storage. However, if your contacts still won’t show, you may need to perform a few more steps.

1. Go to the Settings main tab again. From there, go to Apps.

2. Click Manage Apps.

3. Find WhatsApp on the list and click it.

4. In the next screen, you will see what permissions WhatsApp has. Under Allowed, you should see Contacts.

5. You can click it to make sure that it’s set to Allow.

6. Exit Settings and open WhatsApp.

7. Go to the Contacts tab, which you can access by clicking the Compose Message button.

8. Look for the kebab icon on the top right and tap it.

9. From the drop-down menu, tap Refresh. This should sync your contacts to WhatsApp.

On the iPhone, the steps are as simple as clicking two buttons.

1. Click the message icon on the upper right.

2. Tap “Allow Access” on the prompt at the top of the interface.

From Excel

You can also import contacts to Whatsapp from Excel. This is because Excel can create a file format called CSV, which can be uploaded to Google Drive and correctly read by WhatsApp.

Excel is a spreadsheet program that is a part of Microsoft Office Suite. It can store, organize, and manipulate data, making it a crucial tool to have for anything that involves numbers. Values entered into the spreadsheet, such as contact details, can be converted by Excel into a CSV file, which you’ll be using to import data to WhatsApp.

You can do this by first exporting your contacts from a CSV Excel file to your Google Drive Account. The contacts can then be synced to your Google Contacts, which will then automatically sync to WhatsApp, as long as you’re logged into the same Google account on the device where you have your WhatsApp installed.

This method is ideal if you have a digital copy of your contacts in the form of an Excel file, which can sometimes be the case if you are backing up your Contacts. You can even export your existing WhatsApp contacts to Excel or CSV format.

If you want to learn how to import contacts to WhatsApp from Excel, follow the steps below.

1. First, make sure that your contacts are saved as an Excel file. Open the specific file and click File on the upper left of the interface.

2. From the list, choose Save As.

3. Click the dropdown menu and choose CSV, or manually write .csv at the end of the file name.

4. Next, you have to import the CSV file to your Google Account. Open Google on your phone or browser and click Go to Google Account.
If you’re not yet logged in, log in with your Google Account..

5. Go to Contacts.

6. Click the Import Contacts button on the middle of the page.

7. Under Import Contacts, click “Select file” to attach the previously saved CSV file.

8. This will take you to a dedicated window where you can browse any CSV files on your device. Look for the CSV file you saved from Step 2 and open it.

9. Click Import. This will upload the CSV file to your Google Account.

10. You can now view your contacts on your Google Account.

To sync with WhatsApp, you need to enable contacts to sync with your Google Account. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Go to Accounts & sync in your phone Settings.

2. Click Google.

3. Select the Google Account where you imported the contacts.

4. Next, tap Contacts to sync. Once this option has been enabled for Google Accounts, Google will sync your contacts to the CSV file that it has saved on Google Contacts.

5. All new contacts from your Google Account will now appear on your phone, as well as on WhatsApp.

6. Remember, only the contacts who already have WhatsApp installed will be added to your app. You’ll still be able to send Invite links to those who don’t have the app installed, though.

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