WhatsApp Bulk sender tool recommendations for WhatsApp business users

The business persons and young entrepreneurs are the target users of these functionalities on the WhatsApp environment. Despite entertainment, WhatsApp appears for commercial purpose due to this latest feature of sending bulk messages at a time. In this article, you will learn the reliable WhatsApp bulk senders to enhance the business activities of the entrepreneurs.

WhatsApp Bulk sender tool recommendations for WhatsApp business users

Part 1: Can we send bulk messages from WhatsApp?

Of course, why not, you can send bulk messages on WhatsApp platform effortlessly in a precise manner. Many WhatsApp business users implement this technique to share files for business processing during difficult times with their employees. You can send bulk messages in any format like a word file, excel etc based on your needs.

The limitation of the WhatsApp bulk message sender depends on the tier you occupy. If you lie on the first tier then you can send 1K messages to your customers per day. The next tier permits 10K and the following tier allows 100K messages per day. Gradually your business WhatsApp account updates to different tier after a regular period. The tier updating process occurs automatically and it is impossible for manual changes.

Part 2: Is bulk WhatsApp legal?

Sending bulk messages on WhatsApp platform violating the terms and condition of this app is illegal.

In a recent announcement, WhatsApp has stated that misuse of automated bulk messaging feature is strictly punishable under legal terms. This restriction enforced because of the fake forwards wandering amidst the users.

There are user’s accounts who evade the machine learning strategy of this app through unauthorized bulk messages. All the activities which violate their listed terms and condition are illegal. You have to abide by those rules when you utilize the built-in functionalities of the WhatsApp.

Part 3: WhatsApp bulk senders you can try

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