How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages for Free in Excel?

People use WhatsApp for more than to send messages. If you have a business, you can use it to connect with new and current consumers alike. Digital marketing has shown WhatsApp to be highly productive and beneficial for companies.

Innovative organizations have discovered efficient methods of approaching customers on WhatsApp. Customer service, one-on-one communication, and even unusual marketing initiatives have succeeded with the messaging app.

How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages for Free in Excel?

How Does Whatsapp Help Businesses in Digital Marketing

1. Chatbots
AI-integrated chatbots benefit enterprises. You may facilitate fast in-app booking and scheduling by establishing a personal WhatsApp chatbot.

2. Message Automation
With WhatsApp Business, you may plan templated messages to automate discussions. When you or your admin are unavailable, you can send clients timely messages and auto-replies. It improves your consumers’ usage experience and reaction time.

3. Send Alerts
Using WhatsApp for business, you may notify customers about new products or services, discounts, offers, and sales. You can also send time-sensitive shipping, system outage, or itinerary changes. Using this automated messaging Option, you may send consumers reminders to complete service signups or cart purchases to reduce application drop-offs and abandoned carts.

4. Surveys
Surveys are a unique and entertaining approach to gathering client feedback. Do you know how to survey with WhatsApp? Create a business survey. Share its URL on WhatsApp and encourage customers to provide honest comments. This feedback might help you streamline your business by knowing buyers’ preferences and needs.

5. WhatsApp pay
A small group no longer uses digital payment because more individuals utilize it. Set up WhatsApp Pay for your business account. It facilitates customer payments. This convenience can lead to future business.

6. Labels
Labeling WhatsApp connections and clients can be beneficial. For example, you can designate contacts with pending payments. You can also create labels for new, completed, and paid orders. It improves contact tracking and business administration.

7. WhatsApp Status
Use the status if you search for a unique corner on WhatsApp to share business-related posts. Start utilizing WhatsApp for businesses to update customers on new releases, sales, and more.

Why use Whatsapp to Send Bulk Messages?

WhatsApp sends messages, photos, and videos and allows video and audio calls. It helps to globalize the business. According to the report, most consumers, businesspeople, and all genders use WhatsApp to exchange messages because it’s an easy way to interact globally. People choose mobile over computers, tablets, and other devices because it’s a mobile apps.

Don’t use your personal WhatsApp for work. WhatsApp API for Business access. The WhatsApp Business API enables marketers access to WhatsApp’s code for more significant insights and integrations. You can employ a third-party WhatsApp product with API access and certified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider status (BSP).

Method 1 : Steps to Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages for Free in Excel

1. You must have the WhatsApp web application installed on your computer and scan the QR code from the phone number to which you want to send messages.
2. Create an excel file and open it.
3. Check the Developer tab in the ribbon bar; if not visible, then it needs to be added,
4. To join the Developer tab to the ribbon bar, click on File, Option, customized ribbon, and a checkmark on Developer.
5. Now Developer Options will be visible in the ribbon bar.
6. Click on the File, then click on Save As, select the location, select the file format “Excel micro-enable workbook”, and save it.
7. You can delete the previously created Excel file, as it is unnecessary.
8. If you want, change the name of the newly created File as per your choice and open it.
9. For V-B-A Programming, click on the Developer tab, and go to Visual Basics,
10. A new window will open; now go to the Insert tab, and click on a module,
11. You have to remember the subject name of this code.
12. Give a name to the sheet and note that your sheet name should also be the same, or else an error will occur.
13. It is the messaging time interval; you can change it from here. Please ensure it should be more than 5 seconds; otherwise, WhatsApp may ban the number.
14. Now write the mobile number and message in columns A and B, which you must send. Mobile numbers must be with country code only; else, the message will not be sent; here, you can add a note for unlimited mobile numbers and bulk messaging.
15. Now go to the developer tab again, and click “ON” on design mode, then go to the insert tab to add the form control button and draw button; here, you have to select the subject name of the code, and you can change the name of this control button as per your choice.
16. Now click on the button with this to send a message. After doing this, the WhatsApp web application will open, and sending messages to the numbers written in turn will start.

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