How to use WhatsApp Business with Multiple Users in 2022?

Be it customers, leads or the hottest target accounts, everyone wants businesses to respond instantly. And instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have made that possible for us. You and I have no contest on the fact that WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps have come as a boon to us businesses – small and large.

The shift from forms, email resolutions and telecalling to WhatsApp has been rapid and not likely to stop. After all, the ease of communication that WhatsApp provides is unlike any other.

Well, except for one limitation – using one WhatsApp on multiple devices.

How to use WhatsApp Business with Multiple Users in 2022?

Can you use one WhatsApp business on multiple devices?

Absolutely! You can use one WhatsApp business on multiple devices.

According to WhatsApp, you can link up to four devices and a mobile phone using one WhatsApp account. This is possible only if you have a WhatsApp Business account.

If you are a small business, you might think, “Yeah. One WhatsApp, 4 linked devices are good enough for me”. On the other hand, if you are a medium to large business, five simultaneous logins is not enough. You need more. 

Also, when you try to open WhatsApp web on more than one browser tab, you get an error message that looks something like this.

Not to forget, the default feature of WhatsApp’s one account, multiple devices comes with other shortfalls. Some of the features that are currently not supported are:

1. Creating & viewing broadcast lists

2. Viewing live location on linked devices

3. Deleting chats if the primary device is an iPhone

There are hacks available to avoid the default WhatsApp one account, limited devices feature. But those hacks come with risks. WhatsApp can ban your account if you use these hacks.

You’ve built that customer base with your blood, sweat and maybe tears. Can you imagine having to go through all that again from scratch? Brrrr. The shivers!

Not to forget, using the hacks even if one WhatsApp can be used by multiple users, there would be no way to keep a track of which agent responded to a message and whose responsibility it is to follow up or if the follow ups have been done on time.

On the other hand, a shared WhatsApp inbox helps you to assign tickets to respected agents and streamlines the ticket resolution process from start to finish.

Is there a way around all of this? Read on to find out.

How to use WhatsApp on two phones?

While you can link up to 4 additional devices using one WhatsApp account, WhatsApp does not allow the use of one WhatsApp on two phones.

According to WhatsApp, even if you own a dual sim phone, you have to choose only one number with which you wish to use the WhatsApp application.

Hacks around this are available, but so are the risks of getting your WhatsApp account banned.

How to use WhatsApp business for multiple users?

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