Messenger Translator: Auxiliary Marketing Tool for Overseas Individuals and Businesses

Messenger is a communication software owned by Facebook, which can connect with others anytime, anywhere with unlimited text messages, voice, video calls and video group chats. At present, the number of active users of Facebook Messenger has exceeded 3 billion, so many people will use Messenger to obtain traffic and customers for overseas marketing. However, in the process of use, you will find that most of them are overseas customers, and the languages ​​they use are different. In addition to Chinese and English, there are some other small languages, which make communication more troublesome; and if the management of relevant data is only manual Computational efficiency is not very high.

Messenger Translator: Auxiliary Marketing Tool for Overseas Individuals and Businesses

If you want to communicate with customers and understand marketing data in a timely manner when expanding overseas marketing, using Messenger Counter Global Translator is more convenient and faster, and it will definitely meet your needs.

What is Messenger Counter Global Translator?

Messenger translator supports translation in Chinese, English, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese and other languages. That is, when you enter the content you want to send, it can be translated into another language immediately. The whole process of automatic translation supports multi-language translation and provides multiple translation lines. It is simple, convenient, fast and efficient.

The Messenger counter is an auxiliary tool used to calculate statistics, which can help manage Line accounts and count the number of new friends. View contact marketing data in real time, provide multi-dimensional filtering, and provide visualized, timely, and transparent data analysis.

Recommended use 007SCRM

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007SCRM has the following functions

Translation : Auto translate every messages you send or receive into any language.

Friends Quantity Counter : Auto count the adding friends quantity for realizing effact of marketing compaign.

007SARM Auto Reply : Reply preset words automatically, quick reply by 1 click, keywords reply…

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