How to Disable Read Scripts on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp was born with popularity, and with the addition of new features like disabling the read scripts, it’s natural for questions like How to Disable Read Scripts on WhatsApp to take shape in your minds. That’s the reason why I’m scribbling this piece down.

Just in case you didn’t know, WhatsApp was popular but not as feature-rich as it became after Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) acquired it.

The most significant change they’ve made is, now WhatsApp is free, forever! Earlier it was of negligible price but wasn’t free altogether.

So it’s okay if you’re intrigued with a question like how to turn off Read Scripts on WhatsApp, that’s what I’m here for.

How to Disable Read Scripts on WhatsApp?

What Are WhatsApp Scripts?

Before asking How to Disable Blue Ticks in WhatsApp, let’s talk about WhatsApp scripts in general.

You probably already know about the “read scripts”. But what exactly are scripts?  They generally imply codes or text, right?

Ironically enough, with WhatsApp, the scripts mean “icons”, or symbols.

Ever seen those two blue ticks pop up just beneath your messages once you send them to your friends? Yeah, those are the read scripts.

They basically imply that your message has been “Read” by the person you sent it to. They’re a way of knowing if the other person has seen your message or not.

But, Read scripts aren’t the only kind of scripts on WhatsApp. There are two more kinds of scripts.

Sent Scripts:

WhatsApp is two-way communication, right? Imagine a straight road with you at one end and your friend at the other.

So once you send the messages from your end, once they’re out of your system just one grey colour tick appears, and it indicates that the message has been sent from your end.

This Sent tick doesn’t indicate that the other person has received the message yet, it just means that the message is en-route and will reach its destination.

A real-life scenario would be when you’ve sent a message and the other person’s cell phone is switched off.

Delivered Scripts:

Now, these receipts are Represented by two grey ticks on the message. They’re similar to the read scripts but just that these are grey in color.

So what these mean is that the message was sent from your device, and has successfully reached your recipients WhatsApp server.

But again, this doesn’t mean that the message has been read yet, it just means that the delivery was successful. The messages can get delivered even when the recipient’s cell phone isn’t running Whatsapp in the background, they still get the messages once they turn the app on.

Or another real-life scenario is when you get messages in your WhatsApp inbox but you don’t open them.

How to Disable Read Scripts on WhatsApp?

So okay enough with the chit-chat I think we should get along disabling the read scripts.

Luckily for us, WhatsApp actually has an official feature, a pretty simple and straight-forward one to achieve this goal, and you don’t need to use any kind of third-party apps or illegal methods.

1. Just fire up your WhatsApp Messenger, and click on the three white dots on the top-right corner.

2. Then click on Settings.

3. Now go to the Accounts tab.

4. And then finally just hit the “privacy” option.

5. There you can clearly see “Read Receipts” option, just tap on it to disable it.

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