3 Ways To Log In To 2 Zalo Accounts On Computer At The Same Time

There are many reasons for you to want to log in to 2 Zalo on your computer at the same time, such as personal Zalo and sales Zalo, or corporate Zalo,…So how to successfully log in 2 separate Zalo nicks at the same time on computer , phone?

When should I log in to 2 Zalo accounts at the same time?

Usually we often use an official Zalo account to serve to communicate with friends, relatives or colleagues. At this point, you just need to log in on your computer or phone to be able to use it easily. However, in case you need to use a second Zalo account for sales or work, logging out and logging in continuously to connect with everyone at the same time will be very time consuming and confusing.

Therefore, logging in to 2 Zalo on the computer is a convenient solution that serves both purposes easily. The benefits of logging into 2 accounts at the same time include:

1. Smoother, more convenient conversations.

2. Do not miss or interrupt important messages, especially in the case of video meetings.

3. Save a lot of time logging out and then logging into your account.

Method 1:Login with Zalo Web + Zalo software on the computer

The first way to log in to 2 Zalo on the computer that you can apply is to use a combination of Zalo Web login and Zalo PC software on the computer. This hybrid login form is compatible with both Windows laptops and Macbooks . Moreover, the way to do it is also very simple, quickly follow the steps below.

Step 1: Access Zalo Web via the link https://chat.zalo.me/ on Chrome browser or Coc Coc … Here, you can choose to log in with your phone number and password or log in . enter Zalo with QR code on your phone.

After completing the login, the Zalo Web chat interface will display, you just need to click on any chat and chat as usual.

If you are afraid of missing messages, you can click Turn on notifications to receive messages as soon as possible

Step 2: After logging in to the Zalo Web section, proceed to download Zalo PC to your computer to log in to the second account. Access the link https://zalo.me/pc and select Download now.

Step 3: After downloading the Zalo software to your computer, you just need to open it and install it in a moment. Similar to the Zalo Web version, Zalo PC also has 2 login options: using a phone number or a QR code. You proceed to log in your second account to Zalo PC.

After completing login 2 Zalo on the computer , the message interface will be displayed and you can use 2 Zalo accounts in parallel easily and conveniently.

Method 2:Use 007SCRM

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