Easy Ways to Shorten Links in the Telegram Application

Telegram has many bots that its users can use for various purposes, from learning basic Arabic, making photos move, to removing photo backgrounds.

In addition to the bots already mentioned, you can also use other bots, such as bots to shorten long links. It is important to know the use of link shortening bots, because you do not need to access URL shortening sites when you want to shorten links.

So if you want to shorten the link, you only need the Telegram application. As for the link shortening process, it can also be completed quickly, please refer to the full tutorial below until it’s finished.

Easy Ways to Shorten Links in the Telegram Application

1. Using Short URL Bot

1. Login to the app Telegramthen tap search icon in the top right corner.

2. Type shorturlthen select Short URL Bot.

3. If you are already connected to the Short URL Bot, please tap start.

4. If a reply from the Short URL Bot appears, please paste link in the message field.

5. When the link is pasted, tap send to start the link shortening process.

6. Here are the results, please copy and share with others.

2. Using Shorten Link Bot

1. Tap search icon Telegram.

2. Type shortenlinkthen select Short Link Bot.

3. If you are already connected to the Shorten Link Bot, please tap start.

4. If you have received a reply from the Shorten Link Bot, paste link which you want to abbreviate in the message.

5. Tap send when the link is pasted.

6. Here are the results where you can share the link on several social media accounts that you have.

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