LINEBOT: Create Auto Response Message

LINE has become a common communication channel for merchants, but sometimes it is troublesome to manually respond to reservation messages~ TinyBook will tell you this time how to set up LINE’s automatic response messages to help reservation operators save more time!

LINEBOT: Create Auto Response Message

1. Establish LINE official automatic response message

To complete the automatic response message of the LINE official account, you must first enable the “Automatic response message” function, in the “Settings” in the upper right corner, select “Manual chat + automatic response message” in the “Response settings” in the left column, and turn on the automatic response. response function

After opening, go to the “Automatic Response Message” of the “Home Page” and click “Create” in the upper right corner.

Then it will enter the field of automatic response message, first enter the “title name” here.

Then enter the keyword you want to trigger, the keyword will only be triggered if it is “exactly matched”, so you can set up a variety of keywords to facilitate triggering the desired response

In the text field below, you can enter the “automatic response message content”, after the input is completed, “Save Changes” will take effect

If you want to have a variety of presentation methods for automatic replies, in addition to setting text messages, LINE can also set more beautiful “multi-page message” cards and “picture text” types.

If you want to watch the effect of entering keywords before saving the changes, you can also see the automatically triggered message effect in the preview field at the bottom right!

After saving, it will appear in the automatic response message field just now, you can manually turn it on or off

After opening, go to leave a message, and you can match the rental rules or explanatory text as shown in the picture below, and let LINEBOT automatically respond!

2. Use 007SCRM

007SCRM, control defferent instant messenger accounts in a web, auto-translate, record friends adding quntity…WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Zalo, etc, by HiSeven

007SCRM has the following functions

Translation : Auto translate every messages you send or receive into any language.

Friends Quantity Counter : Auto count the adding friends quantity for realizing effact of marketing compaign.

007SARM Auto Reply : Reply preset words automatically, quick reply by 1 click, keywords reply…

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