How to Filter Tweets by a User on Twitter?

Twitter is the source of many breaking news stories every now and then — so much that many stories first break on Twitter. But besides genuine news content, you may also be bombarded with tons of tweets from the people you follow, but you may not want to view content from them every day, every time. Those who are familiar with how the app works will know that Twitter first shows you preloaded tweets from earlier and then provides you an option to view newer ones when you launch or refresh the app.

When refreshed, you may miss out on a tweet from someone you follow as there might be many others that are more recent on your timeline. On such occasions, you may want to search for tweets from someone and if you don’t wish to endlessly scroll through a series of tweets, there’s now a new way to filter tweets with certain keywords by a user ID.

How to Filter Tweets by a User on Twitter?

How to filter tweets by a user on Twitter?

Twitter has started rolling out an update to its mobile app that adds a new search option at the top of the screen when you access someone’s profile on the platform. This option will help you filter tweets from this person by letting you look for keywords from any of their tweets. The new feature can be used to search for tweets made on a specific subject by someone or to dig up old tweets from someone you know.

With the rollout of this feature, you can avoid using the app’s advanced search tool which offered the same functionality but required you to type “from: ” every time you wanted to search for someone’s tweet.

Method 1:Twitter for iOS

Since this is a new feature available for the Twitter for iOS app, you need to make sure you have updated this app using the App Store on your iPhone. For that, open the App Store, tap on your account picture, and then tap on ‘Update’ adjacent to the Twitter app, if available. If not, it means that iOS has already updated the Twitter app to the latest version.

Now that you’re using its latest version on your iPhone, you can access the new search tool inside the Twitter app by opening it. To search for a tweet by someone, first, go to this person’s profile by tapping on their account picture from your timeline.

If you can’t access their profile from your timeline, you can search for it by tapping on the Search icon from the navigation bar at the bottom.When the Search screen loads up, tap on the search box at the top of your screen.Here, start typing the name of the account you want to search tweets from. When the search results load up, tap on the account you want to view tweets of. 

You will now enter the selected profile inside the Twitter app. To filter relevant content about something from the selected profile, tap on the Search icon at the top right corner. A search screen should appear that will help you filter tweets using keywords you search for.In the search field that appears, type a keyword or a bunch of them so that Twitter filters out relevant content based on your query.

When you press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard, you should see all the tweets that contain this keyword under the ‘Top’ tap inside the search results.Additionally, you can sort through the search results by tapping on other tabs – Latest, Photos, and Videos to filter tweets more precisely. 

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