How to quickly obtain WhatsApp user numbers and accurately market WhatsApp users?

As a social APP, Whatapp has a high online rate, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. How to use WhatAPP to achieve effective foreign trade customer development? Compared with WeChat in China, the business opportunities of Whatapp can be imagined. And compared to WeChat, Whatapp has a natural advantage, because there is no need to add friends, it can directly send information to the customer’s Whatapp account, and directly promote product information to the customer’s mobile phone. This is a 100% delivery rate compared to mailing.  

How to quickly obtain WhatsApp user numbers and accurately market WhatsApp users?

1. Tips on whatsapp fans drainage

(1) Create a group and share it on major social platforms to attract fans to join

The maximum number of people in a WhatsApp group is 256, and they cannot be added through search. Only members can pull people into the group or click on the group link to enter. When creating a group, you can add existing contacts to the group. You can also create empty groups and share on major social platforms, websites and emails. If customers are interested in you, they will naturally join. For example: establish some product-related dry goods push groups, and use knowledge to spread the brand. Or some preferential activities enter the group to receive activities and so on.

(2) Search WHATSAPP groups on each platform, add

1. Google Search Group

When searching, use and add keywords to it, advanced search is recommended. You can search for many related groups, click in to find what you need to add. Joined groups can export group members and send targeted group messages for conversion.  

2. Facebook search group

WhatsApp groups posted on Facebook are not searchable on Google. Search Facebook with the same keyword and you can find many groups.  

3. App store search

Use the WhatsApp Group link on Google Play (the same in the App Store) to find, and you can see that there are many apps that aggregate WhatsApp groups.

2. How to quickly acquire WhatsApp users and conduct precise marketing?

Use WhatsApp marketing tools to quickly acquire accurate users, one-stop precision marketing drainage

1. Accurately specify regions and industries to generate whatsapp user numbers in batches

2. Quickly screen highly active and high-quality WhatsApp mobile phone users

3. WhatsApp mass marketing accurately reaches potential users

4. WhatsApp pulls groups and speculates groups, and group advertisements lead to WhatsApp customer service accounts

5. The WhatsApp agent system efficiently connects with customers, professional speech management, background online translation of multi-national voices, translation chat, and cross-border connection without barriers

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